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Sellers Head Office

It is a relocation and rebuilding plan for the head office building of the interior building materials manufacturer that assembles the head office in Urawa, Saitama. -A joint design of sun tan architects studio and Sera's first class architect office.  The former office building of around 30 employees, which has become narrow, has been relocated to a trackside location near the station, providing a ground where visitors and areas can be expected to be recognized.  The place is located in the outdoor commercial area, but in the area with lots of houses, both the east and west sides of the site face the road. The east side is a land on the side of the track where the elevated line continues across the road.-Currently, there are about 30 employees, and it is a company smaller than one class in a school, and it is easy to take intimate communication easily and to absorb the opinions of each individual and easily manage in a unified manner. It was divided into three floors, and communication within the company became fragmented, making it difficult for each other's eyes to reach each other. ・ Because the new site was large enough, we gathered 3 office spaces and meeting rooms on one floor, and inserted the buffer space in an opening to separate the departments. ・ The buffer space connected to the north and south is taken as the outside and taken in as a light and wind intake port, and the buffer space of the east and west is made indoors and made a meeting corner. ・ As a result, the three departments and the meeting space became one volume each, and the four ridges and two cross-shaped slabs were connected between them.


Project tittle:Sellers Head Office

Location: Urawa Saitama Japan

Program: Office 

Construction: RC

Site area: 601.83 sqm

Building area: 387.18 sqm

Total floor area: 725.61 sqm

Maximum height: 9.94 m

Year: 2018

Structural Design: Munehiro Minagawa

Photographs: Kenji Masunaga/M



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